Medicare Supplement Plan N: Why it’s cheaper than Plan F?

2019 Medicare Supplement Plan N: Why it’s cheaper than Plan F?

Good news for seniors looking for information about Medicare Supplement Plan N: You may not be required to answer questions about your Medicare background when you apply for Medicare Supplement Plan N in Arizona or any other state.

So, although you may have thought you could not be covered, at least one insurance company offers a Medicare Supplemental Plan that suits your needs -finally, some good news for seniors with pre-existing conditions, who are looking for Medigap plans.

Medicare Supplement Plan N is one of the standard Medicare Supplement insurance plan, which means all carriers provide the same benefits. Medigap Plan N provides 100% coverage of Medicare Part B’s co-insurance costs, with the sole exception that physician visits require a $ 20 deductible and up to $ 50 for emergency visits.

The new Medicare Plan N became available on June 1, and seniors should be thrilled. The new plan costs about 1/4 what you would pay for Plan F, one of the plans that fills in gaps in Medicare. Why does Plan N cost less than other Medigap plans? Because seniors have to pay a little 20-dollar surcharge when they visit the doctor’s office. Seniors must also be willing to pay $ 50 as co-pay for emergency medical visits.

In addition, the deductible of $ 155 Part B is not included in Plan N, and the plan does not cover excessive costs, although most people are not concerned because their doctors charge Medicare costs. In addition, all typical treatments (hospitalization, laboratory tests, chemotherapy, radiation, etc.) are covered. As you know, Medicare will pay the bulk of the fee and your Medicare Supplement Plan N will cover the rest.

Insuriffic has asked representatives of various companies when seniors are able to enroll in Medicare Supplement Plan N, and everyone said that they want to maintain an open enrollment policy. This will benefit individuals who are participating in Medicare Advantage Plans who can unsubscribe from their programs and switch to Plan N during open enrollment. For seniors with serious medical conditions, this may be the only option.

When you turn 65, or when you first receive Part B, you have a six-month limited warranty period for signing up for a Medicare supplement without answering medical questions. This is very important for people with pre-existing conditions, as they cannot be refused a supplement during their warranty period.

Early last June, Medigap Plans E, H, I, and J was canceled as the “At home recoveryt” and “Preventative Care Benefit” are removed, and these plans became identical to other character plans. Medicare has deemed these two benefits unnecessary in the current Medicare structure. In addition to these changes, a new hospice care insurance (co-insurance) was added to all new Medicare supplement plans.

Current Medicare Supplement policyholders are allowed to maintain existing policies, but registration ended in ALL current plans from June 2010. It is not necessarily beneficial to buy one plan over another (buy the one that fits), as all plans purchased after June 1 are included in the “New” plan design. Current Medigap policies are split into one group, and plans purchased after June are split into new insurance groups.